Ask These 10 Questions Before You Hire An Air Conditioning Service!

It goes without saying that heating and cooling systems of the house are important in all seasons. Most of the time, HVAC systems work perfectly for years, provided you have paid enough attention to servicing and maintenance. If you need to find an air conditioning service in your town for any requirement, we recommend asking these 10 questions.

  1. Are you licensed?

It is more than important to ensure that the company you have hired is an experienced one and has a license for the job. Also, check if the service has a physical address and a contact number. Most of them have a website, which can provide more information.

  1. Do you have insurance?

Repair, maintenance and servicing of HVAC systems can involve considerable risk, and accidents are not uncommon. If the workers are not insured, the liability of medical bills will be on the houseowner in case of a mishap. Also, general liability insurance is required, because you don’t want to pay for damages caused to the property after repair work is done.

  1. Do you have a team?

Don’t be surprised to know that many air conditioning companies don’t have people, technicians and workers on their payroll. In fact, many are just hoax services that pass contracts to subcontractors for a profit. The company you hire should be experienced in the field, and they must have air conditioning workers and repairmen, who are trained for the job.

  1. Can you offer same-day repairs?

In most homes, air conditioners run all through the day, so it makes little sense to wait for days for the repair work. Find a company that can handle emergency calls and can offer same-day repairs at the right price.

  1. Can you handle installations?

Installing air conditioners requires expertise and understanding of brands and latest models, so select a service that can offer a free estimate and suggest the right air conditioners for your home. They should be able to work within a deadline when it comes to completing the work. For new installations, always insist on warranty.

  1. Will you offer a no-obligation estimate?

Most air conditioning companies prefer sending in their executive for an evaluation, and based on the actual work, they will offer an estimate. This can be a charged service in some cases, but don’t back from getting the same. The estimate, however, should be free of obligations i.e. you should be able to decide if you want to proceed with a service.

  1. Can you take care of maintenance and servicing?

Finally, find an AC Service Boulder, Co that can also handle service requests and yearly maintenance work. This is easily the best way to avoid expensive repairs in the first place, because the workers and technicians will fix the smaller issues in time to avoid part damage.

Not to forget, do ask for references and check if the concerned service has good reviews online. A good air conditioning service is like an asset for homeowners, who have to hire them time and again.