Here’s What You Need to Know While Installing Double Glazed Windows

For reducing the noise and thermal insulation, nothing holds a candle to the double glazed windows. These days, double glazed windows are installed in every modern home. They can also act as a replacement for your current windows or retrofit your windows with an uPVC double glazed windows or a thermal plastic sheeting. Here is you should know when it comes to installing double glazed windows.

What are double glazing windows?

A double glazed window is referred to as a window frame that bears two glass panes rather than using just one. These two glass panes are kept separated by an air pocket or a gas that significantly improves the thermal insulation ability of the window and offers some acoustic insulation as well. An alternative to installing the double glazed windows can be attained by retrofitting uPVC windows over your current windows. Another alternative to this method is by applying the UV blocking and reducing the noise through your windows by applying a soundproof plastic sheeting directly on to the windows. However, this is not a double glazing per se, but attains the modest improvement, but it is the most cost effective method and a fun DIY project. But we recommend you to hire a professional installer when it comes to installing new windows or retrofitting your existing windows.

Installing and retrofitting double glazed windows

Double glazed windows are costlier than standard windows. This investment is worth it when done on a new construction, but an expensive choice when done on the existing windows.

  1. If a window needs replacement because the timber frame has been rotten or any other reason, they can be replaced with a double glazed window.
  2. If your large window is in a top notch condition, but brings in a lot of heat, cold or noise through your windows, retrofit it with uPVC window instead of replacing it a new glazed window.

As aforementioned, the gap between the glass window panes offers the thermal protection and reduces the noise. The greater the gap between the panes, the more the insulation, particularly the acoustic. A standard gap between the double glazed windows is of 6 mm. The retrofitted uPVC windows come with their very own discreet frames and detachable fastening systems, installed at a distance of approximately 100 mm from a current window. Research says it greatly helps in reducing the noise levels by 75 percent! The best solution for problematic areas like next to schools or busy roads is to integrate double glazed windows with the uPVC retrofit windows. If direct sunlight is an issue, the windows should also have a property of UV blockage and/or tinting. When it comes to replacing your windows, take into consideration to purchase double glazed windows with low glass on the external pane.

If the double glazed and PVC windows are not installed properly, they tend to lose their thermal and acoustic efficiency properties. Due to this, to ensure that you are making the most of your bucks is to let the professionals install the windows instead of going DIY.