Here’s You Can Create A Functional And Beautiful Small Kitchen!

Most homeowners have a hard time selecting interior themes and ideas for the kitchen. Let’s get real here – You need a purposeful space, and it’s necessary to ensure space for everything. With kitchen spaces getting smaller, achieving the balance between style and function can be confusing. In this post, we bring kitchen ideas that doesn’t compromise on either.

Make the most of space

More often than not, people don’t think of options, and besides the countertop and space below it, you also have the walls. It is necessary to consider what can be stored away from the eyes. For example, you don’t have to place the price rack on the counter, when it can look better in the cabinets. Using cabinets and shelves can simplify a lot of things in smaller kitchens, and if you have pots and pans that can be displayed, consider using a free wall.

Stick to a theme

A common mistake is to use too many ideas for the same kitchen. With smaller kitchens, it is necessary to have a theme that’s not complicated. You can always work with textures and colors, but too many of these can actually confuse others. So, if you like metal surfaces, select the appliances accordingly and stick to wood for the rest of it. Popup colors are also in trend, and you can use one of the walls as an accent.

Check if you can remove a wall

The wall that separates the kitchen from the rest of the house can be removed, and the space can become a quick breakfast or dining area. While this requires civil work, it will open the kitchen from one side and make it more airy

Rethink the kitchen island

Culinary enthusiasts spend hours in the kitchen, so having enough room to move around is important. In case you are inspired to use an island, think again, because that blocks a center part of the entire space. Kitchen islands can be fun and décor-friendly, but not necessarily the best choices for a smaller area.

Finally, check as many photos and designs that you find on the internet. There’s a reason why interior blogs are so popular. If you have a limited budget and don’t want to go for expensive stuff, you can talk to an interior designer, who can suggest ways to take the lighting and shelves to the next level with simple adjustments.