How to Double Glaze a Character Property

Not all residences are suited to white uPVC window and door frames, and while there are faux timber-grain finishes, nothing matches real timber. Fortunately, there are window firms that custom make timber windows that incorporate double glazing, giving you real wood with the high insulation of double glazed units.

Range of Styles

There are quite a few timber species that are ideal to doors and windows, plus the window openings offer a wide choice, such as:

  1. Traditional Side Openings
  2. Sash Type Openings
  3. Horizontal Hinged Openings

The styles include diamond-leaded lights, or square Tudor style design, and by talking to the supplier, you can make an informed decision. If you take a look at some of the wooden double glazed windows in Barnsley, for example, you can see the variation in design, and the master joiners make the units by hand.

Bespoke Solutions

Every window and door is crafted to perfectly fit the aperture, and with fittings like mahogany window boards and brass hinges and handles, your new windows will add a touch of elegance to the décor.

Seasoned Timber

By only using select timber that has a very tight grain, your windows will stand the test of time, and, of course, there are always a few timber species to choose from, and with staining, you can alter the shade. There will be some maintenance with wooden windows and doors, but this is to be expected, and the supplier would be happy to come and inspect the units from time to time.

Talk to an established joiner who specialises in double glazed timber windows and see what he can do for you.