Number of Reasons Why Wood Piling is Considered to Be the Best for Any Foundation

Piling Construction is exceptionally good for giving extreme help to structures. It is frequently picked over different techniques for the following two reasons:

  • The surface substrate of the building site is feeble,
  • The structure being constructed will be too heavy.

Weak substrate, which is usually sand and loose dirt, clearly ought not have a foundation created straightforwardly upon it. Indeed, even a genuinely steady surface may in any case not be reasonably good for tall structures, water tanks and comparatively heavy structures with concentrated number of loads.

A foundation with beam and pile foundation depends on solid, typically round and hollow piles to be driven down to low profundities, achieving either thickly compacted soil fit for withstanding the structure’s estimated weight or to a layer of hard rock. The conventional pile is made of wood and this material still remains a brilliant decision for beam and house pilings foundations even today.

Following are few reasons why wood piling is the most preferable option.

  • Past history of good performance

People are familiar with using wood piles since a long time and it is quite well known as a high-performance material to choose.

  • Easy to install

Wood is a lighter material as compared to its contemporary material like steel and it is quite easy to work with. You can complete the installation at a faster pace.

  • Readily available

There is no manufacturing process involved as wood is a nature’s gift to us and hence it can be easily sourced without much of waiting.

  • Renewable source

Wood is a natural product and hence it is more environment friendly as compared to any other material.

  • More cost effective

Since wood is a natural material, no complicated manufacturing process is needed where raw material cost can vary. Therefore, wood can be easily obtained at much affordable cost and can also give maximum performance.

  • Less dependent on weather

Whether it is bitter cold or hot summer, for building foundation with pile or beam, wood can always be used without any worry.

  • Treated for best security

Woods are also treated with various chemicals and preservatives so that they can have better retention power. Also, for water exposure it can be a better choice than steel which can get rusted.

  • Elasticity of wood

For various construction work any flexible material is more preferred and for this wood piling is considered to be the best choice.